Lesson 4 – Famous Explorers Captain James Cook

Week 4 – This Week Five Visions of Captain Cook  Captain James Cook (1728 – 1779) was an 18th century explorer whose navigation of the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia changed the Western World’s of  view and understanding of geography.   BY KENNETH SLESSOR I Cook was a captain of the Admiralty When sea-captains had the evil […]

Year 8 – “Action and Adventure for the Young and Inexperienced Choosing this program, will allow you to explore identity through texts from various times, cultures and worlds. We will look at poetry through the eyes of those who tried to conquer the high sea through the poetic words of those who went on long […]

The Sea by James Reeves Read the poem carefully and answer the following questions in full sentences. The whole poem is a metaphor. What two things are being identified? ‘Giant and grey.’ What two qualities of the sea is James Reeves highlighting? What are some of the qualities the sea and a dog have in […]

Writing Bio-Poems – Who are we? Bio-poems use your own personal information as the stimulus for creative writing. It is important to be open and honest, using facts and sharing thoughts that best portray who you are. Structure your poem by including the following information: Your first name. A selection of adjectives to describe yourself. The […]