The Portuguese Armada – One of a fleet of ships organised by the Portuguese crown that travelled annually from Portugal to India (Goa) on what is famously known as its ‘Indian Run’. Vasco de Gama followed the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope from 1497 to 1499.  In Book 5 Camoes […]

  On Wednesday 15th of October you will receive your booklet outlining the Reading Project and by the end of our Period 6 lesson, after a lengthy discussion and a question and answer based lesson, you should feel confident enough to get started on your first reading project. If you are still unsure about what to […]

Creative Transformation – Maritime Art into Poetry This week we are embarking on an adventure with our imaginations, looking at ways to transform art into poetry. You will examine the significance that a painting has in its ability to captures the emotions felt at sea. You will explore the photograph’s influence by adopting a poetic response […]

  This week we will be exploring the epic poem, The Lusiad (also known as The Discovery of India) by Luis de Camoes, which written in the Homeric style focuses on a poetic interpretation of the Portuguese voyages of discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries. In this extract we will firstly be examining the place […]

MODEL RESPONSE What image is painted of Captain James Cook in this poem? For each statement you need to find a quotation to support. The first vision of Cook is that of a man who is a modernised or evolved version of the old kind of sea captain. The men on his ship idolised Cook […]