This house believes that the police services should NOT be armed with a gun. Many campaign groups have raised concerns over plans for armed police officers to patrol certain streets in London. Mr North’s English group versus Ms Pinto’s English group. Tuesday the 3rd of March Lunchtime in the Library

How does Shakespeare present the character of Caliban in The Tempest? The Tempest essay

HALF TERM HOMEWORK Choose ONE to complete ready for performance after your return from the half term break (23.02.15) You will working towards earning one of the following achievement badges. 1. Poetry by Heart 2. Soliloquy 3. Speak to Inform   HalfTermHomeworkKS3

Does music and the content of its lyrics influence human behaviour or lifestyle? Does music with references to sex, violence, aggression, drug use or illegal behaviour have wider consequences for our society or is there an inherent right to freedom of speech?  Be prepared to argue both sides.  Mr North’s English group versus Ms Pinto’s English […]

Homework due Monday 26th of January Explore the relationship between Prospero and Miranda in Act 1 Scene 2 Two paragraphs minimum.   SCENE II. The island. Before PROSPERO’S cell. Enter PROSPERO and MIRANDA MIRANDA If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them. The sky, it […]

Travel – Creative Writing – 4

Creative Writing – Lesson 3

Creative Writing – Lesson 1 Part 2

The government should provide more funding for schools to take students on overseas trips every year. Argue what the benefits are of overseas travel at a young age.  Please be prepared to speak for a minimum 2 minutes.

Bryson_extract NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND Travel Writing Introduction London